Which Superhero Are You?

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All the superheroes come to save the planet from evil and to help the oppressed by using their superhuman ability, skill or great power That is why they are called super heroes. Every superhero has a super power, a costume and a logo that is unique to them.

If you are a true fan of DC or Marvel , you have probably watched all the superhero movies including marvel movies & DC movies, read all comic books and know every single character on the DC or Marvel team [ superheroes logos quiz to measure your knowledge about superheroes]. Don’t you want to be one of them?

I have a small question. Who’s the most powerful comic book character ever & what’s his or her team ? hmmm 😌

He has always won the love of comic book fans and he is Hercules, the son of of Jupiter and the mortal Alcmene, more than 3,000 years old, is considered to be the strongest physically fit superhero character in the entire Marvel universe. I know now you want to be a marvel character/marvel hero like Hercules. But don’t be hurry

Everyone wants to be a superhero in their life and help others by using their special powers. We all have a great responsibility to protect your country, nation, religion and the world. Don’t be a fictional superhero in your life. We know that  there is no doubt that you are a superhero with great personality traits.

Which team do you think should be your team out of DC hero or Avenger hero ?

Okay. It does not matter which marvel superhero or DC superhero you want to be. Let’s let it be in this fun personality quiz.

There can be a hidden superpower that has not yet come out of you. We help you to identify it through this superhero quiz. 👇

Which Superhero Are You?

What do you fear most as a superhero?

Fear of fire
Fear of water
Pick a DC hero to hang with
Fear of dead bodies
Fear of parents
Fear of spiders
Fear of clowns and cows
Fear of bats
Fear of cockroaches since childhood

When a group of people face tragedy, not everyone can be saved. Which of the following would you save?

Best friend
The first person I see

What do you think is your super power?

Super speed
Super strength
Do I have a super power?
Expert in technology

What is your favorite fictional town ?

Midway City
Astro City
Gotham city

Which of these super villains do you dislike the most?

Harley Quinn
The Joker
Doctor Octopus
The Penguin
Ra's al Ghul
Lex Luthor

If you see a kid kidnapped

I turn the other way and run as fast as I can
Call the police
Crying out loud
Hit them all and save the child
Going like never seen before

Pick a favorite superhero to hang with

Iron Man/Tony stark
Martian manhunter
The Flash
Wonder woman
Green Arrow
Green Lantern
Captain marvel

How do you get super power?

It's something I practiced
Inherited from parents
Something God-given

How would you like to fight with a criminal in the fight against crime?

I can take care of it
It would be nice to have a team
Why do I fight?

What do you most forget in normal life when you go out of the house ?

Identity Card
Vehicle License

What nickname did your parents call you when you were a kid?

Called the name
I do not remember
At least they don't remember my name
Called the donkey

Your gender ?


All 12 questions completed!

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Which Superhero Are You?

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If you like the villain/bad guy more than the super hero, a separate quiz will be created for it in the future. Wait for it to come !

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