Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Quiz

Hello, my fellow gamers and horror movie lovers. Welcome to the Ultimate zombie apocalypse survival quiz. Everyone has been waiting for a zombie virus to have a zombie apocalypse and all we got so far is the Corona virus. I know it’s a bit depressing. If you go through social media there’s not a single chance to miss a meme about a zombie apocalypse. Well 2020 is almost ending. Maybe 2021 is the year that we get a zombie apocalypse.

However it’s always good to be prepared. This “ultimate zombie survival quiz” will help you to understand how much prepared you are for a zombie attack.

Would you survive a zombie apocalypse ?

Load your guns, ready your baseball bats, barricade yourself safely and answer the Ultimate zombie survival quiz.

Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Quiz

Please note that some of the following questions can contain multiple correct answers for which we would have allocated full marks or half the marks we think is appropriate.

Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Quiz

Question 1 of 12.

What would you do after the passing of fellow survivors?

1. Place their belongings on their body.
2. Leave the dead body and run for your life.
3. Cremate the body.
4. Give them a burial with proper respects.
Question 2 of 12.

What is the main weakness of a zombie that might help you to kill it?

1. Hit them with garlic.
2. Spray holy water,
3. Use powerful magnetic powers.
4. Shoot them in the head.
Question 3 of 12.

What would you loot from stores?

1. Jewelries – so that I can be rich after the zombie apocalypse is over.
2. Fancy items & paintings – so that I can decorate my safe house.
3. Food items, guns & ammunition
4. Adidas shoes and clothing – so that I can fight zombies with style.
Question 4 of 12.

How would you sleep in a zombie infested world?

1. I’d stay awake all day.
2. I’d share the guard duty with someone while the other person sleeps.
3. I’d lock the door and sleep peacefully.
4. I’d climb on a tree to sleep.
Question 5 of 12.

What shouldn’t you do during a zombie apocalypse?

1. Helping other survivors.
2. Gathering supplies.
3. Playing rock music out alone loudly using speakers.
4. Go hunting zombies
Question 6 of 12.

What would you do if you found a lone Zombie while you were out in the woods alone?

1. I scream for help.
2. Hide and let it pass.
3. Shoot it in the head with an unsuppressed SMG multiple times.
4. Take a stealth kill by stalking behind it and smashing its head with a heavy baton.
Question 7 of 12.

What is needed to survive a zombie apocalypse out of these items?

1. An IPod
2. A Bluetooth speaker
3. Some kind of a weapon
4. A radio
Question 8 of 12.

What would you always keep with you at all times?

1. Your face wash
2. A charm for good luck
3. Bible
4. A pistol
Question 9 of 12.

What would you eat and drink?

1. I’ll just drown my sorrow for the lost loved ones by drinking alcohol.
2. I’m a vegetarian. So I’ll just stick to my life choices.
3. I’ll only eat burgers & pizzas for all my meals.
4. I’ll eat any food item that I can get my hands on.
Question 10 of 12.

What weapon would you use in a zombie apocalypse?

1. A Taser
2. Pepper spray
3. A bat
4. Tranquilizer gun
Question 11 of 12.

Who could be your best companion out of these options?

1. A parrot
2. A dog
3. A cat
4. A squirrel
Question 12 of 12.

What if you were met with an extremely large zombie herd?

1. I would get down on my knees and pray for someone to come and save me.
2. I would try to bargain with them.
3. I would stand my ground and fight.
4. I would flee the area.

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Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Quiz

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After playing zombie games and watching movies I really got curious as to know how much a possibility a zombie apocalypse really is. So I did some internet surfing and came up with really interesting information.

What is the zombie virus?

Though dead humans won’t be returned back to life, some viruses can induce aggressive zombie like behavior in living people. For instance rabies can drive people to be violently mad. Combine rabies with the ability of a flu virus to spread quickly through air and you might have the making of a zombie virus. If the genetic code of the rabies virus can go through enough mutations, its incubation time could be reduced dramatically.

Most viruses have high mutation rates. If rabies virus can mutate fast enough, it could cause infection within a few hours. Now I believe this brings back some memories from movies. But for rabies virus to trigger a zombie apocalypse like in the movies, it would have to evolve into being more contagious. A faster way of transmission is through air. To be transmitted by air rabies would have to obtain traits from another virus such as the influenza virus.

Different forms or strains of the same virus can swap pieces of genetic code through a process called recombination. But scientists say that it’s scientifically unheard for two completely different viruses such as rabies and influenza to borrow traits.

An engineered zombie virus is theoretically possible but extremely difficult to create using modern genetic engineering techniques. But if someone come up with some really bright ideas to do so it is possible. There are viruses that seem like the building blocks of the zombie virus. As I’ve mentioned before rabies virus can make a person extremely violent. If someone decide to mix rabies with a flu virus to get airborne transmission, a measles virus to get personality changes, the encephalitis virus to burn you with fever thus increasing aggressiveness further and for the final finishing touch the Ebola virus to cause the infected to bleed from his guts. Then you can have the zombie virus.

How long can you survive a zombie apocalypse?

It really depends on your survival skills, good place to hide, weapons, etc. As you can see a zombie virus is not completely unrealistic. So I suggest you gather some supplies and train in the meantime until a zombie virus hit us for real. And please don’t forget to take on our zombie apocalypse survival quiz.