Camel Calculator – How Many Camels Am I Worth Quiz [Goes Viral in Tik To]

This may seem like a peculiar question. As the time goes around there are moments that lead you to question you of your worth. In this Camel Calculator – how many camels am I worth quiz we are going to assess your worth in the form of camels. Excited???

How much do I cost in Camels?

If you are wondering why camels and not some day today animal like dogs or cats. Here’s why. People have kept camels for more than 4000 years. Camels’ humps let them store up to 80 pounds of fat which they can live off for weeks and even months. When a camel finally does find water, it can drink up to 40 gallons in one go. Camels are very strong and can carry up to 900 pounds for 25 miles a day. Camels can travel at up to 40 miles per hour. Thanks to thick pads of skin on their chest and knees, camels can comfortably sit on very hot sand. They also have the ability to completely shut their nostrils during sandstorms. So I think you get the point. Camels are fantastic creatures. Which makes measuring someone’s worth in camels somewhat special. So the next time questions your worth or say you are of no value, you can argue with them mentioning your worth camels and showing camels’ worth. This is the sole purpose of how many camels am I worth quiz aside from bringing some smile to your face.

I did a little research on google before I create “Camel Calculator – How Many Camels Am I Worth” quiz and it says that in USA the price range of a camel is between $5,000–$20,000 depending on breeding, training and age. In Dubai : about $55,000 , Israel :  $2,344 – $2,930, Egypt : $260

Is this camel calculator for male or female ?

This camel calculator is made for both male and female.

How does the camel calculator work?

So in this how many camels am I worth quiz you’ll be given a series of questions and all you have to do is answer them with the most appropriate choice you feel is most suited. In the end of the quiz we’ll analyze your answers and inform you of your worthiness in camels. Who knows maybe you are worthy enough to lift Thor’s hammer. If Thor ever bothered about measuring his worth in our little quiz. Haaa.. Haa…

If you want to calculate the value of your girlfriend in camels you can find it by clicking here -> How many camels is my girlfriend worth? Maybe you and your girlfriend are equally worthy in camels. If so I recommend that you marry her straight away…

How many camels am I worth?

How many camels am I worth?

Question 1 of 16.

What are you?

Question 2 of 16.

How old are you?

21 – 25
15 – 20
41 +
31 - 40
26 – 30
Question 3 of 16.

Do you still live at your parent’s home with your parents?

I have to until I’m married
Question 4 of 16.

Are you employed?

Question 5 of 16.

What is your occupational field?

Law and order
I’m still a student
Question 6 of 16.

How tall are you?

More than 200cm
181 – 200cm
151 – 180cm
Less than 150cm
Question 7 of 16.

Which one of the following describes your creativity best?

Can craft anything I put my mind to.
Non existent
All right
Question 8 of 16.

What is your Favorite hobby?

Watching movies or TV shows
Question 9 of 16.

What form do you have?

Question 10 of 16.

How many hours do you sleep?

3 – 7 hours
More than 10 hours
Less than 4 hours
8 – 10 hours
Question 11 of 16.

What’s the most useless talent you have?

Not mentioned here
Sleep while standing
See colors that you have never seen before
Blow a bubble
Tongue roll
Wiggle my ears
I can tell where my cat is hiding
Navigate my house perfectly in the dark
Take a nap for a specified amount of time, like say 22 minutes
Question 12 of 16.

Choose the broken body part in your body?

More than one
Chick bone
Question 13 of 16.

The best lottery win in your life?

Relation won
Won the first prize
Do not take lotteries
My friend won
I have no such luck
Question 14 of 16.

Worst purchases you’ve ever made?

Gift for husband/wife
Non-stretchable clothing
Not mentioned here
Gift for boyfriend/girl friend
Watch that does not work
Question 15 of 16.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen this week?

Whale in the ocean
The most beautiful girl/boy saw
Saw the favorite vehicle
A crocodile crossed the road
Mount Everest
Rainbow in the mountains
The ex-girlfriend with an ugly boy or The ex-boyfriend with an ugly girl
A dream to go to heaven
Not mentioned here
Question 16 of 16.

What childish thing do you still enjoy?

"Slurping" sound while drinking something
Not mentioned here
Cry in public
Sleep with parents when scared
Biting Nails
Climb trees
Watch cartoons
Dance in the rains
Licking fingers after eating

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